A Comprehensive Approach to Investment Practices

& the Entire Operations of a VC Firm


About the Author

Lin Hong Wong combines his extensive experience and knowledge acquired from a decade as a senior partner in a leading Asian venture capital firm and nine years as a CEO of high-tech manufacturing companies, as well as several years as a mentor in a start-up incubator, to present a practice-based and very comprehensive treatment of venture capital fund management and investment. Lin Hong Wong is presently the Managing Director of Wingz Capital Pte Ltd.

Venture Capital Fund Management is an essential and informative book for:

  Venture capital and private equity investment practitioners
  Legal and accounting professionals, bankers, investment advisers and consultants
  Entrepreneurs and business angel investors
  Business school undergraduate and postgraduate students
  Casual readers interested in how venture capitalists make money

Book Details


Thomson Reuters

ISBN: 1596223596

Language: English

Length: 492 pages

Format: 8.5 x 5.5 inches

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